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10000 One Word Substitution PDF
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Hey, how are you, people? I hope you are all very well. Welcome to our website. Our today’s article is much different from our previous article because this article is based on English grammar. In this article, we are going to provide you with 10000 One Word Substitution PDF as we read in lower classes as well as higher classes and approximately almost competitive exams like UPSC, Railway, bank, etc.

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Some 10000 One Word Substitution PDF Examples

The study of languages = Linguistics
The study of stars = Astrophysics
The study of the origin and history of words = Lexicology
The study of ancient writing = Epigraphy
The study of physical life = Life Sciences
The study of rocks and soils = Geoscience

The study of birds = Avianology
The study of mountains = Alpinology
The study of plants = Botanical Science
The study of the human mind = Cognitive Psychology
The study of animals = Zoological Sciences
One who believes in God is = A person with faith

One who knows everything = A wise sage
One who looks at the bright side of things is = An eternal optimist
One who looks at the dark side of things is = A cautious skeptic
One who cannot read and write = A non-literate individual
One who acts against religion is = A religious dissenter

One who offers one’s services = A selfless helper
One who is present everywhere = A ubiquitous being
One who is all-powerful = An omnipotent entity
One who loves mankind = A compassionate soul
Love for mankind = Humanitarianism
One who hates mankind = A misanthropic individual
One who is out to destroy the government = A subversive activist

What is One Word Substitution
What is One Word Substitution

One who eats human flesh is = A cannibalistic person
Those who live at the same time = Contemporary society
One who is more than a hundred years old = A centenarian
One who is eighty years old = An octogenarian
One who does not drink wine is = A teetotaler
One who is new to a profession = A novice practitioner
One who is a habitual drunkard = A chronic imbiber
One who settles in another country = An immigrant
One who carves in stones = A stone sculptor

One for whom the world is a home = A global citizen
One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure = A stoic individual
One who is given to pleasures of the flesh = A hedonistic person
One that lives on others = A parasitic individual
One who is sympathetic to mankind = A humanitarian
One who studies things of the past = A historian

One who is gifted with several talents = A versatile individual
One who cuts precious stones = A lapidary
One who deals in cattle = A livestock trader
One who cures eye diseases = An ophthalmologist
One who collects postage stamps = A philatelist
One who breaks images or idols = An iconoclast

One who has a unique skill in judging art and music = A connoisseur
One who is devoted to the pleasures of eating and drinking = An epicure
One who loads and unloads ships = A dockworker
One who walks in one’s sleep = A sleepwalker
One who has an irresistible tendency to steal = A kleptomaniac
One who imitates the voice and gestures of another = A mimic

A professional rider in horse races = A jockey
A place with gambling tables = A casino
A number of sheep = A flock
A number of sailors working on a ship = A crew
A collection of flags = Bunting
A number of ships = A fleet
A number of stars grouped = A constellation

A factory for manufacturing beer = A brewery
A building for lodging oldies = A retirement home
A place where orphans are housed = An orphanage
An institution for reforming young offenders = A juvenile correctional facility
A place for improving one’s health = A wellness retreat
A case in which the sword is kept = A scabbard
A medicine that produces insensitivity = An anesthetic
A treatment to counteract poison = An antidote

An instrument for listening to the activities of the heart and lungs = A stethoscope
A man addicted to lewdness = A lascivious individual
Free from infection = Immune
A place thought of as the opposite of utopia = A dystopia
An examination of a dead body = An autopsy
Occurring after death = Posthumous
The house of an Eskimo = An igloo

The place of an Arab = A dwelling
The science of colors = Chromatics
The art of effective speaking = Rhetoric
The art of beautiful handwriting = Calligraphy
The art of preserving skin = Taxidermy
Government by the nobility = Aristocracy

Download 10000 One Word Substitution PDFs Now [Free]

Now we will provide you the Download link of 10000 One Word substitution PDFs totally free of cost. Besides it in the above paragraphs, we have already given you approx 500+ one-word substitutions with their answers. You can also check them. Now if you want to download the 10000 One Word Substitution PDF, so just click on the links given below:

Download 10000 One Word Substitution PDF
Download 10000 One Word Substitution PDF

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Some other One Word Substitution PDF examples

Absence of government = Anarchy
Government by one = Autocracy/Despotism
Government by a few = Oligarchy
Government by divine guidance = Theocracy
Part of the government which preserves law and order and carries out the laws made = Executive branch
Government by the officials/departments of the state = Bureaucracy

Too much official formality = Bureaucratic red tape
Sweeping governmental change = Revolution
Government by the nobles = Aristocracy
Government by a few = Oligarchy
Government by the rich = Plutocracy
The Science of Government = Political Science
The right of self-government = Autonomy
Government by the king or queen = Monarchy

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In this article, we have provided you mostly every type of one-word substitution. We have also provided you a download link of 10000 One Word Substitution PDF. You just have to play on the download link and it will be downloaded on your device. For any query or suggestions regarding this article, plz use the comment section or you can contact us by going contact us page. We will surely meet again with the new article very soon.

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