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12th Fail Book PDF
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In today’s world, everyone takes several efforts to attain the peak of success in their lives; some people achieve this accomplishment, while others fall short yet continue to strive. This book is for those who aspire to achieve great things in their lives. This book depicts the narrative of a youngster who has encountered several challenges in his life and how he eventually makes his family and nation proud by becoming an IPS officer.

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This is the greatest motivating book for students who desire to achieve great things in their lives and become an individual. 12th Fail Book PDF, written by Anurag Pathak, is one of the most widely read books. It follows the life of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma ji, and how he achieved despite numerous obstacles.

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About 12th Fail Book PDF

“Twelfth Fail” is a fantastic book that is readily available in both Hindi and English and provides motivation to struggling students. It tells the narrative of IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma, who failed his 12th-grade examinations but did not give up. Readers may experience the friend Anurag Pathak’s struggle, despair, tenacity, and fighting spirit via the novel.

The book emphasizes the importance of 12th-grade board examinations in a student’s life and how failing them may make a student feel as if their future is destroyed. Manoj Kumar Sharma’s story, on the other hand, proves that failure is not the end. After three failed tries, he passed the UPSC test on his fourth attempt and became an IPS officer.

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Author Name Anurag Pathak
Size 2.2 MB
Total Pages in Book 100+
Language Hindi

Download the 12th Fail Book PDF Now For Free 

Now you can easily download the 12th Fail Book PDF, without any hard work. Just click on the link given below and start to read the full book at any time on your device. One more important part of this article is that we do not promote the piracy of any book or the authors’ royalty work. So 12th Fail Book PDF is provided to you for reference purposes. The download link is given below:

12th Fail Book PDF Download
12th Fail Book PDF Download

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Journey of Manoj Kumar Sharma

Manoj Kumar Sharma, a Morena, Madhya Pradesh native, was an average student throughout his educational career. He received a third division in his 10th-grade examinations, but he was unable to pass his 12th-grade tests. He failed all subjects except Hindi. As a result, he found himself working as an auto-rickshaw driver with his brother.

When he and his brother were traveling in their car one day, they were stopped by police, and their vehicle was seized. Manoj had an idea at that moment—he would try to talk with the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) to have their car released. When he eventually appeared in front of the SDM, he couldn’t bring himself to talk about releasing the auto. Instead, he summoned the Instead, he got the bravery to inquire of the SDM about the prerequisites for becoming an SDM.

Manoj was greatly influenced by this interaction. It sowed a seed in his heart, and he became motivated to work in the public service. His dreams and the realization that he wanted to help society in an effective manner motivated this decision.

Despite his academic shortcomings, Manoj’s meeting with the SDM sparked a new flame within him. It reawakened his drive and set him on a road to fulfill his ambition of joining the public service.

Manoj arising emotions for a girl in 12th grade, but he was afraid to disclose his sentiments for fear of rejection. However, he ultimately worked up the nerve to propose to her, willing to go to any length to make her happy. Manoj’s love interest, Shraddha, gave steadfast support as he began his UPSC preparation adventure. Manoj and Shraddha eventually married. Shraddha is now an officer in the Indian Revenue Service, continuing their successful career together.

Journey of Manoj Kumar Sharma
Journey of Manoj Kumar Sharma

About the Author – Anurag Pathak

Anurag Pathak is a writer from India who was born on August 5, 1976, in Gwalior. He has always been interested in Hindi literature and studied it at Gwalior’s Maharani Laxmibai Arts and Commerce College, where he earned both an M.A. and a Ph.D.

The author’s first book, ‘Whatsapp Par Kranti’ (Whatsapp Revolution), is a collection of short stories that explore the influence of social media in today’s modern society. It was well-received in India, with favorable reviews from book critics.

Pathak uses a personal approach in his second book, ‘Twelfth Fail,’ and hopes to inspire young people in India. Through this book, he aims to help students who are afraid of failing their exams.

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