3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF Free Download Online (2024)

3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF Free Download
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Friends, in today’s time everyone likes to read books. Reading a book is a good habit and we should definitely adopt this habit in our life. Because our books give us good teachings from which we get to learn a lot if you also like reading books and you want to download 3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF Free. So you have come to the right website because, in today’s article, we are going to tell you about 3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF Free Download.

Mistakes happen in everyone’s life, but it matters a lot how much you learn from those mistakes. By making mistakes, if a person does not learn a lesson from his mistakes then he is not learning anything from his mistakes, therefore we should not learn from them while making mistakes and should correct those mistakes so that that mistake does not remain in our life. Don’t let it happen again because small mistakes sometimes create big problems. Following is the information about today’s book 3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF Free Download.

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3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF Free Download Information

PDF Name 3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF Free Download
Author Name Chetan Bhagat
PDF Size 1.23
Number of Pages 180
Category PDF
Page Quality Better
Language English

Download 3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF

Three Mistakes of My Life PDF Free Download
Three Mistakes of My Life PDF Free Download

Story Of 3 Mistakes of My Life 

The Story of 3 Mistakes of My Life in Hindi PDF Free Download starts in such a way that one day the author receives an email in which it is written that I have made big mistakes in my life and yes, I am going to commit suicide. Chetan Bhagat gets scared after reading this and talks to his old teacher. After doing a lot of research, the author comes to know that Govind is admitted in a hospital in Ahmedabad because he tried to commit suicide. Chetan Bhagat goes to Ahmedabad to meet Govind.

Govind starts narrating his story. Three friends lived in a city of Ahmedabad and used to live together. His name was Ishaan Govinda and Omg. Ishaan wanted to become a cricket player, but he could not become a cricket player. Govind is very good in Math but due to taking animals in a poor family, he is not able to get admission in a good college but he got this opportunity. There is no point in talking because he did not want to work inside anyone.

The third friend Om did not know what to do with his life. One day the three friends decide that they should open a store. With the help of Om, they get a store on rent near the temple. Due to Ishaan’s knowledge about cricket, he started giving cricket tips to his customers. The store started doing quite well. Because Govind was business minded, Govind felt that his shop was doing very well, so now he started thinking that he should open a shop inside the mall.

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Mistake 1

Govind borrowed some money and bought a shop inside the shopping mall. Due to lack of money, he started selling stationery items. Govind started studying Maths for extra income. Ishaan finds a boy who is very good at cricket. The boy’s name is Ali. One day when Ali started having difficulty in playing, he first went to the doctor and found out that Ali was suffering from hyper reflex disease. Because of which he plays cricket well.

Ishaan has a sister, Vidya. He asks his friend Govind to teach maths to his sister Vidya because Vidya has to clear the entrance exam. Vidya gets attracted to Govind and starts loving him. Vidya has explained her feeling through a card. Gobing also falls in love with Vidya. One day suddenly an earthquake occurs. Govind gets a huge shock as the mall in which he and his friends have invested money collapses due to an earthquake. This is the first mistake of his life. That means investing your and your friends’ money in one place.

Mistake 2

A few months later, there was a match between India and Australia in Goa, so Ali and his three friends reach Goa. There he meets an Australian cricketer Parade Lekh and shares Ali’s problem. He takes Radley’s test and is surprised. They arrange friendly tickets and everyone goes to Australia. Ali is trained in Australia. Head of Cricket Meet Ali and congratulate him.

Govind starts missing Vidya and also gives a gift to Vidya on her birthday, which further enhances their relationship. And both of them remove all limits. This was the second mistake of Govinda’s life that he fell in love with his best friend’s sister.

Mistake 3

A few days later, Omi’s uncle’s son was killed in a Hindu-Muslim riot. Omi’s maternal uncle gets very angry with this and starts burning the Muslim and Ali’s parents are killed by Omi’s maternal uncle. Omi Gowing hides Ali in a bank to save him. However, Omi’s maternal uncle also reaches there and while trying to save Omi Ali, he is killed. Due to which Omi’s uncle becomes even more angry.

After this, Govind thinks of saving Ali and he is also thinking that he might lose his life while trying to save him, then after thinking for a long time, Govind decides that he will try to save Ali but till then it will be too late. It is already done. The trident thrown by his maternal uncle hits Ali’s hand and Ali loses his life. This is the third mistake of Gowing’s life. That means being selfish.

3 mistakes of my life book price
3 Mistakes of My Life Book Price

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What unifying factor unites my three life mistakes?

Ans. Chetan Bhagat’s engrossing book The Three Mistakes of My Life delves into the themes of betrayal, ambition, love, and friendship. The plot centers on three friends who choose to launch a business together: Govind, Ishan, and Omi. The story takes place in Ahmedabad.

Q. What lesson does error impart to us?

Ans. Being open to learning from your errors is an important quality, particularly in the professional and interpersonal spheres. It builds confidence and demonstrates your willingness to put in the effort to better oneself. Seeing errors as learning opportunities can boost your confidence and lessen your fear of failing.

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