Alien Periodic Table PDF | Answers Key, Worksheet and Analysis (2024)

Alien Periodic Table
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Hello dear guys how are you you are once again a very warm welcome to the website of Physics. We are presenting a very interesting and important article for you that is called the alien periodic table. This periodic table is not the periodic table that we study in our schools. this is a Periodic table that is used by aliens on another planet. An alien periodic table is a Periodic Table by which we can exercise to correctly place the given certain physical and chemical properties of the unknown elements into an empty or blank periodic table. 

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What is the alien periodic table?

Many times before scientists of the Earth made announcements that they have a connection with another planet that is similar to our planet Earth. The most important and Critical thing is to exchange the language of the aliens for scientific information. so scientists started to translate the alien’s language.

This is told by the scientist that another planet was composed of the same elements as the element present on the earth. But aliens used different types of symbols and names for the elements on another planet and they also don’t know the names and the symbols of our elements. So to investigate, aliens and some descriptions of their definite elements with their properties. In the alien periodic table, no information exists on the transition metals for the rear metals, so you have to make your all effort to put their elements into our periodic table. 

Analysis of the Alien periodic table

There are indications and observations of alien periodic tables given below so that you can identify the elements and recognize their symbols.

  • The name of the noble gases is wobble (Wo),  bombal (Bo), jeptum (J), and the next is logon (L). Bombal is an element that is a noble gas but it does not contain the 8 valence electrons in its outermost shell. Of all of these noble gas elements, Wobble has a greater atomic mass than other noble gas elements.
  • The names of the alkali metals are xtalt (X), chow (Ch),  byyou (By), and quackzil (Q). Of these, the element Chow which is represented by (Ch) has the lowest atomic mass. The place of the Quackzil in the Alien periodic table is in the same period as the wobble element.
  • The names of the halogen elements are vulcania (V), and kratt (Kt) and apstrom (A),.The place of the Vulcania in the periodic table is the same as quackzil and wobble which is placed in the same period.
  • There are some metalloids that also exist in a periodic table of aliens – Ernst (E), sississ (Ss), highho (Hi), terriblum (T),. The element, Sississ is the metalloid with the highest atomic mass in the Alien periodic table. The metalloid which has the lowest atomic mass in the alien periodic table is Ernst (E). Highho and terriblum are placed in Group IV. T element contains more protons than Highho. The element yazzer (Y) is considered a metalloid by its location, but it is really a light metal. 
  • The most metallic element in the periodic table is xtalt. The element which is the most chemically active non-metal is known as the apstrom. The lightest element in the periodic table is called pfsst and it is represented by the symbol (Pf). The element which is heaviest of all elements on the planet is called Elrado, represented by (El).
  • The chemical properties are of the alien planet’s oceans just similar to be the same as our planet Earth’s oceans. At the point when seawater is refined, the fluid that is bubbled off and consolidated has been displayed to have particles comprising two molecules of pfsst and one molecule of nuutye (Nu). The remains solid left behind after the distillation mainly contains a crystal-like structure made up of the two elements that are byyou and kratt.
  • One element doggone which is represented by the symbol (D) contains only four protons in its atom.
  • There is a black crystal that also exists in the periodic table of aliens that has a total of 4 electrons in its outermost energy level. Both elements rhattrap (R) and doadeer (Do) have four different energy levels. The element Rhaatrap is showing less metallic character than doadeer.
  • Magnificon (M), goldy (G), and sississ are placed in group V. so these are all called the members of Group V. Goldy helmet contains few electrons than magnificon (M).
  • Nuutye, Urrp (Up), and oz (Oz), all gain 2 electrons. Urrp has a higher atomic number than Oz.
  • The element anatom (An) loses 3 electrons, so its valency is 3. On the other side, the elements zapper (Z) and pi (Pi) both tend to lose 2 electrons. Pi loses these electrons from its fifth energy level, while zapper loses these electrons from its third energy level.


Alien Periodic Table

Answer Key Of Alien Periodic Table

Here is the answer key:

Alien Periodic Table

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The conclusion of today’s article is that we have read the alien periodic table and understand its concepts. we also discuss very important types of questions such as the analysis of the periodic table, the element name of the alien periodic table, periodic table alien activity, the alien periodic table, an alien periodic table answers, alien elements periodic table, alien periodic table lab, alien periodic table of elements answer key, alien periodic table analysis and much more. If you have any doubts or want to give us any suggestions, you can comment in the box below the article.

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