Carrom Rules PDF Download for Athletic Sports (All Rules)

Carrom Rules PDF
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Hello friends, once again welcome back to our website I hope you all are fine and enjoying your day with a lot of happiness. So guys as you all know we mostly provide articles on education-related content, and we also provide you with the downloading link of these PDFs. So today I brought the Carrom Rules PDF, for you, In this pdf you will get the all rules and regulations for playing the carrom.

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In the Carrom Rules PDF, the equipment that is needed is 12 red rings, 12 green rings, 1 black ring, and 2 white Shooting Rings. In this article, I tell you all about the Carrom Rules PDF, and on our website, you will get this pdf totally free of cost. So guys if you love to play the carrom then you should must know about the rules and regulations of the game and you also know about the equipment that is needed while playing this game.

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Download Carrom Rules PDF

rules of carrom
rules of carrom

What is Carrom Rules PDF?

Friends, today we are going to talk about a game which is very much liked by children to old people. People of all ages like to play this game and it is a Indoor game that you can play at your home. Male or female, this game is very popular among all. This is an indoor game, to play which you do not have to go anywhere, nor do you need any big place. You can play it in any small place or table in the middle of your house, sitting comfortably on a chair, four people can play together.

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In the Carrom Rules PDF, all the rules of the Carrom are mentioned. Here you will get all the rules list, like fowl, red piece, what is queen and how you will get the Queen. In our article, we give you only a short view of the Carrom Rules PDF, and if you want to get full and deep details related to the Carrom Rules PDF, then you should download this pdf.

It is one of the most played games on the internet as well as offline also. Some of the people play it online on their mobile phones and some of the players play it offline with their friends. And I am also 100 % sure that you also play it in your childhood with your friends.

Material Required for playing the Carrom

carrom board rules
carrom board rules

Not much material is required to play carrom, you need only a few things to play the Carrom. There is only one striker in it. There are 9-9 pieces of two colors that are black and white, and there is only one red color piece which is called Queen.

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There is also a powder to put on the top surface of the carrom so that its top surface remains smooth. If you want to get complete and full details related to the Carrom Rules PDF, then you should download this pdf from your website.

What are the rules for playing the Carrom?

international carrom rules
international carrom rules

The carrom board is a square board made of plywood, in each corner of which there are hole passes, in which the balls used in carrom are dropped. There is a wooden border of about half an inch around the board, which prevents the striker playing the carrom piece from going out. The square size of the carrom is 76 cm. Here you have to hit the striker and Make the Goal into the holes.

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Its diameter is up to about 4.5, and the upper surface of the carrom is smooth, which helps the pieces to go to the hole made in the corner. There is a design fast in the middle of the board in which all the pieces and queens are decorated. A strip is drawn all around the board, whose length is 47 cm and width is 3 cm. This strip is called the striker line. On which the person playing the game strikes the pieces by keeping the striker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the basic rules of carrom?

Ans. The basic rules of the Carrom are to take turns until you determine who pockets which colors.

  • To pocket all of your pieces before your opponent in the game of Carrom. It would be beneficial if you also tried to take the red piece, usually known as the queen.
  • The red piece, or queen, can only be pocketed after you’ve pocketed a piece of your color means with the Queen you have to take another piece of color.

Q. What is the red piece in Carrom’s rules?

Ans. After sinking your first piece, you can pocket the red piece, sometimes known as the “queen,” but it must be sunk before your last piece. The queen must be ‘covered’ by sinking one of your pieces into any pocket in the subsequent shot in order to keep her from being returned to the center.

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Final Words

In the Carrom Rules PDF, you have to set the coins white and black and you have to make a combination of both black and white. And you have to also know that the queen is always put at the center of the Carrom board. Now I finished my words and I hope your all doubts and queries are cleared related to the Carrom Rules PDF, if you still want to ask something then please comment below and I will surely reply to you as soon as possible.

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