Jharkhand GK PDF Download in Hindi All Notes [2022-2024]

Jharkhand GK PDF
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Download Jharkhand GK PDF for Free

You can now easily download the Jharkhand GK PDF for free from this page. The one thing you need to know is that below the download button, we have detailed very important questions relating to the Jharkhand GK PDF. As a result, you can read them for educational purposes as well. Simply click the download button to get your free PDF book.

Download Jharkhand GK PDF
Download Jharkhand GK PDF

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Interesting Facts about Jharkhand state

1. Rich in Minerals

nowadays our Jharkhand state is very known as the “Land of Minerals” as it is abundant in mineral resources. state – Jharkhand has approx about 40 to 50% of the country’s mineral wealth (sources of minerals), including coal, iron ore, copper, mica, and uranium.

2. Tribal Heritage

Jharkhand is home to a significant tribal population. The state has a rich tribal heritage with various indigenous communities, such as Santhal, Munda, Oraon, and Ho, known for their unique cultures, traditions, and vibrant festivals.

3. Steel City

Jamshedpur which is located in Jharkhand, is called often the “Steel City” of country India. It is renowned for being the first very planned industrial city in the country and is home to the Tata Steel plant, one of the enormous and very awesome steel plants in India.

4. Natural Wonders

Jharkhand boasts several natural wonders. It is dotted with picturesque waterfalls like Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, and Dassam Falls, offering breathtaking views and serving as popular tourist attractions.

5. Wildlife Sanctuaries

The state is blessed with diverse wildlife. Jharkhand has wildlife sanctuaries and national parks such as Betla National Park, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, and Palamau Tiger Reserve, where tourists can see tigers, elephants, leopards, and deer.

6. Revolt Against British Rule

Jharkhand has a significant history of rebellion against British colonial rule. The Birsa Munda movement, led by tribal leader Birsa Munda, played a crucial role in the freedom struggle and became a symbol of tribal resistance.

7. Institutions of learning

Jharkhand is a state that is very well known for its institutions and education of higher learning.
The capital of Jharkhand which is a great place – Ranchi, is home to prominent educational institutions like Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi University, and Indian School of Mines, which attract students from around the nation.

8. Vibrant Festivals

Jharkhand celebrates various vibrant festivals that showcase the cultural diversity of the state. Festivals like Sarhul, Karma, and Tusu are marked by colorful tribal dance performances, music, and rituals, offering a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Jharkhand.

9. Natural Resources

Apart from minerals, Jharkhand has abundant natural resources. It has vast forest reserves, rivers like the Subarnarekha and Damodar, and fertile agricultural land, contributing to the state’s economy and biodiversity.

10. Ecotourism

Jharkhand is promoting ecotourism to preserve its natural beauty and wildlife. The Eco-Tourism in Jharkhand that is the Development Corporation (JETDC) is one of the initiatives that the state government of Jharkhand has launched that aims to promote responsible tourism and give travelers the chance to discover the state’s treasures of nature.

Interesting Facts About Jharkhand state
Interesting Facts About Jharkhand State

Some Important Questions From the Jharkhand GK PDF

Now with the help of this article, Jharkhand GK PDF, we are going to provide you with some very important questions related to the Jharkhand GK pdf questions very carefully so that you have no doubt about this question for the next time or in your exam.

1. In which year was the first census conducted in Jharkhand?
Answer: 1872

2. What percentage of minerals is stored in Jharkhand?
Answer: 73%

3. On which river is the Canada Dam located?
Answer: Mayurakshi River

4. Who was the very first honorable Chief Minister of Jharkhand?
Answer: Babulal Marandi

5. When did the Jharkhand Tourist Home Scheme begin?
Answer: 2009

6. In which district of Jharkhand is the Lawalong Wildlife Sanctuary located?
Answer: Chatra

7. How many districts are there in Jharkhand?
Answer: 24

8. How many houses are there in the Jharkhand State Legislature?
Answer: 1

9. It is possible to make the recommendation of someone such person, who is not a member of the legislature of the state to serve as Chief Minister of that state, but they must be elected as a member within a particular period.
Answer: 6 months

10. What is the equivalent size of the Jharkhand state in terms of area?
Answer: Quadrilateral-shaped

11. Which is the state animal of Jharkhand?
Answer: Elephant

11. Which Jharkhand city has been called the “Steel City”?
Answer: Jamshedpur

12. Who is credited with creating modern-day Jharkhand?
Answer: Jaipal Singh Munda

13. Which Jharkhand national park is renowned for its tiger population?
Answer: Betla National Park

14. In Jharkhand, where is the most renowned waterfall?
Answer:: Hundru Falls

15. Which Jharkhand city is renowned for having coal mines?
Answer: Dhanbad

16. Which event, celebrated in Jharkhand with great fervor, is renowned for its performances of tribal dance?
Answer: Sarhul

17. Which Jharkhand hill station is well known for its scenic beauty and comfortable climate?
Answer: Netarhat

18. Which Subarnarekha River dam is a well-liked tourism destination in Jharkhand?
Answer: Maithon Dam

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