Physics Class 12 Chapter 1 Notes In Hindi PDF Download Free

Physics Class 12 Chapter 1 Notes In Hindi PDF
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Topic Covered in Physics Class 12 Chapter 1 Notes In Hindi PDF

Introduction to Electric Charges: Electric charge and its properties are discussed. The two sorts of charges are positive and negative charges. Charge conservation.

Interactions of Electric Charge: Coulomb’s law describes the force that exists between two point charges.
The principle of force superposition. The definition and properties of an electric field. The creation of an electric field by a point charge.

Lines of Electric Field: The qualities of electric field lines. A charging system produces an electric field.

The flux of electricity: The relationship between electric flux and electric field lines. Gauss’ law and its applications.

Dipole Electromagnetic: The properties of the electric dipole moment, In a uniform electric field, torque is on an electric dipole. An electric dipole’s potential energy in an external field.

Download Physics Class 12 Chapter 1 Notes In Hindi PDF

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Physics Class 12 Chapter 1 Notes In Hindi PDF Download
Physics Class 12 Chapter 1 Notes In Hindi PDF Download

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What is an Electric Charge?

An essential characteristic of matter is its electric charge. Electromagnetic interactions are caused by a physical characteristic of particles like electrons and protons. The electromagnetic force controls how particles deal with one another based on electric charge.

There are two sorts of electric charges: positive and negative. Protons are positively charged, while electrons are negatively charged. The charge of a proton is equal in magnitude to that of an electron but has the opposite sign, making it the basic unit of charge and represented by the symbol “e.”

An electric field is formed around a charged object when there is an electric charge present. Coulomb’s law, which says that electrical charges can either attract or repel each other, forms the explanation for it.

Electric charge cannot be created or destroyed since it is preserved. In a closed system, the total electric charge is constant. Charges can be transferred from one charged object to another when they come within contact or interact, leading the distribution of charges to change.

The behavior of atoms, the development of chemical bonds, the movement of electric current in conductors, and the operation of electronic devices are only a few of the phenomena that depend critically on electric charge. It is a basic idea in physics and is extensively investigated in the field of electromagnetism.

What is an Electric Field?

An electrically charged particle is surrounded by a physical phenomenon known as an electric field. Electric forces can be experienced in this sphere of contact when electrically charged particles or objects are present.

Electric charges produce the electric field. Anything that is charged creates an electric field around it that spreads out into the surrounding area. As a vector field, the electric field has both magnitude and direction at every point in space.

The electric force felt by a positive test charge put at a certain spot, divided by the size of the test charge, is used to determine the electric field at that location. The electric field (E) at a certain position is described mathematically by:

E = F / q

where the electrical field is E and F is the electric force that the test charge is subjected to, and q is the size of the test charge.

What is an Electric field
What is an Electric field?

The characteristics of the electric field are as follows:

1. Electric field lines: These lines provide an indication of the electric field’s direction and intensity. They indicate the force that a positive test charge would encounter if it were positioned there. A stronger field will have closer-spaced lines, that are determined by the density of the lines.

2. Superposition principle: The electric field produced by many charges is calculated using the superposition concept, which involves summing the electric fields generated by each individual charge. The calculation of electric fields in complex charge distributions is possible because of this technique.

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