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Pride and Prejudice PDF
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Hello, all my dear friends, I hope you all are fine and enjoying your life with full of enjoyment. Son guys as you all know on our website I mostly provide you the Downloading link of the PDFs related to the education content and many more. So today I bright the Pride and Prejudice PDF for you. it is a comic book and a very interesting story. In this article I give you a short view of this comic as well as I also provide you with the downloading link.

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Pride and Prejudice PDF is written by Jane Austin it is a book that has a total number of 240 pages and it also includes a total of 61 chapters in it. Jane Austin was the daughter of the village pastor. He was born in December 1775 in Hampshire, England. She was initially educated at home and tutored by her father, although she also briefly attended a boarding school. He liked to read books, walk in the village and have a good conversation with the people.

The Downloading Information of the Pride and Prejudice PDF

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Download Pride and Prejudice PDF

pride and prejudice
pride and prejudice

About the Jane Austen (Author) of Pride and Prejudice PDF

Jane Austin was the daughter of the village pastor. He was born on 16 Dec 1775 in Hampshire, England. Her father was a teacher and he teaches her at home. For a short time, she went to a boarding school. She has a total of 7 siblings and these are Cassandra Austin, Henry Thomas Austin, James Austin, Edward Austin, Francis Austin, Charles Austin, and George Austin.

Being one of seven children, he used to get many reasons for entertainment at home. His early writings were also composed for the entertainment of his family. By the age of twenty, he had started writing two novels. This was Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sensibility. Other works he wrote later were Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, and Emma.

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All his novels are on the same subject; The conduct and social behavior of the people of the upper class English society in the eighteenth century. Although there is no adventure in his stories, critics believe that he has portrayed English society very realistically in his stories, due to which his novels are interesting. Jane died in 1817 at the age of forty-two.

What is the Pride and Prejudice PDF

Pride and Prejudice PDF is set in rural England in the time of late 19th century, (Romantic Age). In this book, the author talks about his family friends, and society as well as she also tells the problems that she faces at the time of her teenage. She also talks about many of her friends male and female both.

The main characters of the Pride and Prejudice PDF

pride and prejudice book,
pride and prejudice book,

These are some of the main characters that are highlighted in the Pride and Prejudice PDF.

  1. MR. Bennet
  2. Mrs. Bennet
  3. Jane Bennet (a kind and good-hearted girl)
  4. Elizabeth Bennet (a pretty and intelligent girl)
  5. Marry Bennet
  6. Kitty Bennet
  7. Lydia Bennet
  8. Charles Bingles (a good-natured and wealthy man).
  9. Caroline Bingley (a sister of Charles Bingley)
  10. Mrs., Hurst (Sister of Charles Bingley)
  11. Fitzwilliam Darcy (Best friend of Bingley. A proud and wealthy landowning aristocrat.
  12. Georgiana: Darcy’s short and warm-hearted sister.
  13. George Wickham: A handsome military officer and a fortune hunter.
  14. MR Collins: Ridiculous Cousin of Mr. Bennet who will be inheriting the entire Bennet estate after Mr. Bennet’s Death according to a legal structure.
  15. Charlotte Lucas: Elizabet’s best friend.
  16. Lady Catherine De Bourgh: Darcy’s arrogant aunt and the patron Mr. Collins.
  17. Anne de Bourgh: Daughter of Lady Catherine de Bourgh
  18. Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner: Brother and sister-in-law of Mrs. Bennet.

Summary of the Pride and Prejudice PDF

Charles Bingley a rich single man moves to the Netherfield Estate. Mrs. Bennet hopes to marry one of her daughters to him. The Bennet sisters meet Bingley and Darcy local ball. While Bingley is friendly ius friendly Darcy is too proud to talk to the locals.

Elizabeth overhears Darcy refusing to dance with her which makes her dislike him instantly. Charles Bingley and Jane get attached to each other. Darcy finds himself getting attracted to Elizabeth due to her wit, charm, and intelligence. Elizabeth despises Darcy. She is attracted to George Wickham who tells Elizabeth that his father worked for Darcy’s father and Darcy cruelly cheated him of an inheritance.

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Mr. William Collins, a clergyman visits Bennet’s family. Being Mr. Bennet’s cousin, he will inherit the Bennet estate after Mr. Bennet’s death. He wants to marry Elizabeth but she refuses him. He then proposes to Charlotte Lucas, Elizabeth’s best friend. Mr. Collins and Charlotte get married. 

pride and prejudice jane austen
pride and prejudice jane austen

Jane finds out that the Bingkeys have left for London. Elizabeth is angry and suspects that Bingkey’s sisters and Darcy are trying to separate him from Jane. Elizabeth visits Charlotte at her new home in Hunsford, Kent. She meets Lady Catherine de Bourgh, patron of Collins and aunt of Darcy. Darcy visits his ain’t soon after Elizabeth arrives in Kent.

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Darcy Proposes to Elizabeth one day but she refuses, believing that Darcy is responsible for Jane’s separation from Bingkey and Wickham’s misfortune. Darcy gives a letter to Elizabeth the next day explaining his role in keeping Bingley away from Jane and also stating the facts of Wickham’s situation. 

Elizabeth realizes Darcy has never done anything wrong. She is shocked at how her own pride has resulted in her prejudices against Darcy. Elizabeth goes on a trip with Mr. and Mrs. Gardener to Derbyshire where they visit Darcy’s estate of Pemberly. They meet Darcy and are surprised at how graciously he treats them. Elizabeth’s stats have feelings for Darcy.

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Final Words

In the Pride and Prejudice PDF, the author basically talks about the family, wealth, reputation, social class, and of course, pride and prejudice. The themes shown in the novel are through the relationships and interactions between various characters. Now I finished my articles and I hope all the information related to the Pride and Prejudice PDF, given by me is sufficient for you.

If you have still any doubts or queries in your mind or you want to get deep detailed information related to the Pride and Prejudice PDF, then you should comment to us. We will surely reply to you as soon as possible.

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