Quantum Healing Codes PDF Download & How to Use Codes?

Quantum Healing Codes PDF
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Hey, everyone as you all know on our website we mostly provide an article on study material related to physics, English novels, science, general knowledge, religious pdfs and many other contents are available on our website. So guys today I bring the Quantum Healing Codes PDF for you. Here in this pdf, you will get the codes of diseases, headaches, nervous systems, and many other codes that are present in physics.

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A quantum healing tool is divine healing codes. Actually, they change reality at the quantum level. Quantum Healing Codes PDF includes the number of codes and today I tell you all these codes. The fundamental tenet of divine healing codes is that everything can be explained in terms of numbers and that numbers are nature’s primary means of communication for persons. 417 Hz is the healing code for the kidneys. Quantum Healing Codes PDF Download link is available under the table.

The Download Information of the Quantum Healing Codes PDF

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Download Quantum Healing Codes PDF

quantum healing codes,
quantum healing codes,

What are the Quantum Healing Codes PDFs?

Quantum Healing Codes are very easy to use and they are used to save on everything and everybody, and have no side effects. These codes are used for back pain, stroke, depression, anxiety, and many diseases. In the Quantum Healing Codes PDF, you will get all the codes related to disease or pains. In our article, I also discuss some of the codes with you, but if you want the full list then you should download the Quantum Healing Codes PDF.

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List of the Quantum Healing Codes

The following are the Quantum healing codes

quantum healing numbers
quantum healing numbers

The Central Nervous System

Headache in the Quantum Healing Codes PDF

  • 23 74 555 to heal headaches in general (normal Headache)
  • 58 33 554 to heal migraine (Migraine headaches are chronic)
  • 95 96 562 For migraine and that does not respond to 58 33 554 or headache otherwise not responding to 23 74 555, for example, headache with the onset of flu or cold.
  • 42 37 346 For eye irritation, especially that which is associated with headache

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Back Pain

Following are the codes that are used for the Back Pain

  • 71 81 533 For back pain in general (Simple back Pain that normally happens)
  • 71 91 334 For lumbago (Means pain in the muscles and joints of the lower back)
  • 87 47 838 For problems with the sciatic nerve ( Mixed Nerve that has both movement and sensation fibers)
  • 78 78 833 For prolapsed intervertebral disc (also known as Slipped Disc)
  • 89 87 438 For a bulging or herniated intervertebral disc (also known as bulged or ruptured)

Chronic Pain

  • 23 31 443 For chronic pain in general (a long-standing Pain)
  • 15 35 991 For complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)
  • 45 46 162 For shingles (it is a viral infection that causes a painful rash)
  • 91 582 7139 For addiction to pain medications (Medicines that are used to reduce or relieve the headache or Pain)
  • 91 278 596 For obsessive thoughts about managing pain.
  • 92 367 9342 For close pain gate receptors linked to complex regional pain syndrome.
  • 17 16 911 For shoulder pain in general Stroke ( it is an improper positioning, shoulder subluxation, or weakness due to overwork)

Note: Quantum Healing Codes PDF download link is available at the bottom of the downloading information table.

Anxiety and Depression in the Quantum Healing Codes PDF

quantum healing numbers,
quantum healing numbers,

The following are the codes for anxiety and depression.

  • 40 50 666 For agoraphobia (It is a disease where you have fear of public places and any function or where a lot of people).
  • 29 38 516 For anxiety which is performance-related (a strong, excessive feeling of fear or worry)
  • 11 66 767 For anxiety and fear of medical procedures
  • 11 25 612 For anxiety of hospitals and healthcare in general ( Nosocomephobia known as fear of hospitals)
  • 33 49 586 For anxiety due to separation between mother and child, for homesickness
  • 64 07 991 For nail biting, hair pulling, and other obsessive-compulsive type anxiety behaviors.
  • 25 36 933 For generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) (Unrealistic Anxiety related to social relationships, work, financial problems more)
  • 53 14 80853 For Betrayed trust and its wounds
  •  99 61 378 For only the Divine Mother can offer the soul the solace and comfort it needs
  • 116 116 1998 For assistance with loss and sadness
  • 43 85 103 For intense sadness to decrease and heal
  • 96 93 587 For refusal to accept death (Here will f you lose consciousness)
  • 88 75 369 to smoothly and elegantly accomplish the Transition
  • 21 46 015 For the psychological ‘freeze’ response to trauma that develops when it is repeated often
  • 10 22 58 725 49633 For remorse or disgrace means guilty or shame
  • 11 66 518 For hypervigilance associated with PTSD
  • 12 31 511 For dissociation associated with PTSD
  • 56 11 213  To forget the things that aren’t good for you and drag you down.
  • 10 23 519 for catastrophizing (viewing or presenting a situation as considerably worse than it actually is)
  • 11 11 115 To reduce the shock and terror that comes with catastrophes of any sort (natural disasters, personal tragedies, loss,)
  • 72 84 555 For panic attacks
  • 25 37 536 For painful memories of the past, both conscious and subconscious (PTSD)
  • 21 35 619 to let go of the attachment to what is frightening (to stop ruminating and thinking about it)
  • 19 66 551 For Public speaking anxiety (Fear of public speaking)
  • 55 16 987 For Spiritual defense against bullies
  • 25 33 698 for victims of domestic violence
  • 996 187 To ease the energy of cliques and the destructive character assassination shown by females to other females in society.
  • 56 117 571 For the impulse to bully others should be replaced with Love in the hearts of people who bully others.
  • 81 76 619 For animosity and strife to lessen
  • 04 73 732 to help you maintain composure when everything is challenging you.
  • 11 96 888 For low self-esteem to become healthy and have a positive self-image
  • 96 15 646 For overworked students, workers, parents, and independent contractors
  • 29 63 586 For depression in children and adults
  • 22 26 111 For children’s and teenagers’ depression
  • 51 56 886 to boost motivation where it is minimal or nonexistent
  • 15 28 051 When parents ‘push’ their kids to perform well or excel in some way to make the children strong.
  • 08 08 316 For loss of motivation or demoralization
  • 131 294 784 585 For social Outcasts to experience the affection and support of the general population
  • 58 963 8114 to comfort a hurting heart
  • 443 792 854 61523 For ideas, Urges, and thoughts related to Suicide
  •  25 39 561 615 to embrace the new and strive for a better life in all respects.

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Final Words

Quantum Healing Codes PDF consists of all the codes that are available for diseases and pains, and these codes are based on the idea that there exists a predictable geometric pattern behind all matter. Now I Finished my words and I hope you have all your doubts and queries related to the Quantum Healing Codes PDF, if you have any doubts or queries regarding the Quantum Healing Codes PDF, please comment below and I will surely reply to you as soon as possible.

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