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The Crossover PDF
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Hello everyone I hope you all are fine, as you all know on our website we mostly provide the downloading link of PDFs related to the education purpose. On our website, we provide PDFs of the English Novel, Hindi PDF, Physics PDF, Economics and many other categories pdf are also available on our website. So today I brought the The Crossover PDF for you. In this article, we tell you about the summary of The Crossover PDF as well as the story also.

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The Crossover is a story of family, love, dedication, Care, and loss of money. It is about growing up and becoming a teenager, and all the trials of life. If you want to get full and detailed information related to The Crossover PDF, then you should continue with us till the last of the article. So now let’s begin our topic after providing you with the table of downloading information.

The Downloading Information of The Crossover PDF

PDF Name The Crossover PDF
PDF Size 860 KB
Genre Hardworking Story
Written By Kwame Alexander
No Of Pages 196
Download Link Available
Cost Free of Cost
Quality High
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Download The Crossover PDF

crossover book
crossover book

What is The Crossover PDF

The Crossover PDF includes a short story of a family in which all the members suffer from many difficulties and struggle in their life. The problems that basically happened in the family were financial loss, care for the family, and more. For downloading the The Crossover PDF you have to click on the green color button that I mentioned above.

the crossover by kwame alexander
the crossover by Kwame Alexander

Josh and his brother need to prevail at basketball and take home the trophy. They must also finish school, but after JB obtains a girlfriend, Josh is left alone because JB no longer hangs out with him. If you want to deep and fully detailed story then you should download this pdf and it is totally free of cost.

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Josh struggles to manage his feelings of abandonment and jealousy when Jordan begins dating the “pulchritudinous” Miss Sweet Tea. Jordan forgets his goals and becomes weak in his studies because he is always busy with Sweet Tea.

Summary of The Crossover PDF

The Crossover Book’s central theme is the bond between two twin brothers who love each other very much. Both of the African-American boys loved basketball, but their interest waned in high school because of the age increase there thinking also changed. As the brothers mature, a negative incident occurs to them both. When one brother got a girlfriend, the first issue arose.

When one brother gets a girlfriend his love decreases for his brother and he forgets his goal he is always busy with his girlfriend and this happens for a long time. After that incident, there is a big communication gap between both brothers and they hate each other because of different thinking. Jordan Bell gets the girlfriend and Josh Bell hates this love and girlfriend all these things.

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Josh Bell and Jordan Bell, sometimes known as JB in short, are the top players on their school’s basketball team. Due to their educator mother’s insistence on excellence in education, they are likewise successful students. Readers can tell the two middle schoolers apart while having a familial link as they progress to a successful season.

crossover kwame alexander
crossover kwame alexander

Josh also learns that Dad has hypertension, which helps to explain why he occasionally passes out and gets a bloody nose. But Dad distrusts doctors because his father, Josh, and JB’s grandfather, passed away from hypertension in a hospital.

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Josh attends the game because his father wants him to play, while JB and Mom rush to the hospital. Josh watches JB and Miss Sweet Tea sitting on the bench, JB’s eyes filled with emotions as he takes the game-winning shot. Dad died at the age of 39. At the end of the match, JB leaves his championship ring to Josh, suggesting that Josh is now “Da Man.”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is The Crossover a real book?

Ans. The Crossover, a children’s book that was written in 2014 by American author Kwame Alexander, won the Newbery Medal and the Coretta Scott King Award Honor in 2015. The book, which is fully told in verse, was initially released in hardback on 18 March 2014, by HMH Books for Young Readers in the United States. It is a very popular book in America.

Q. How many chapters are there in The Crossover?

Ans. The total number of chapters in the book “The Crossover” is only five. The book is written in verse, and each chapter is only a few pages long. Josh Bell, a teenage basketball player, and his twin brother Jordan’s journey through puberty, both on and off the court, are the subjects of this novel, in this story both brothers change too much at a young age.

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Final Words

The Crossover PDF is a novel that is written by Kwame Alexander and it is the story of Twin brothers who love too much each other and after age passes both change their way of living. One of the friends gets a girlfriend at the time of school life and this changes his life. Now I finished my Words and I hope your all doubts and queries are cleared related to The Crossover PDF.

If you want to ask any questions or have any doubts in your mind please comment below and I will surely reply to you as soon as possible. Thanks and enjoy your Day.

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