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Energy Flow in Ecosystem pdf
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Hello guys you are very welcome to our website. We are presenting a very interesting article on the Energy Flow in Ecosystem PDF. Energy flow in the ecosystem is a very crucial thing because without it any organism is unable to survive. Plants are the primary producer in the ecosystem that is responsible for the production of food. and just food transfers to another trophic level and another organism with the help of the food chain. many food chains are interconnected and create a food web that is more stable than any food chain. You can download the energy flow system PDF from our website free of cost by the link given at the end of the article in Energy Flow in Ecosystem PDF.

Energy flow in the ecosystem is defined in a very fine in Our article and also you will be given a PDF at the last of the article. besides the Energy Flow in Ecosystem PDF, we will also discuss many important things in our article also. the important things are in the form of questions and topics such as Energy Flow in Ecosystem PDF, energy flow in ecosystem, energy flow in an ecosystem is, ecosystem food chain, energy flow, ppt on ecosystem, ecosystem ppt, energy flow in the ecosystem pdf, etc. So we are requesting you that please read this whole important article on energy flow ecosystem PDF from Start to end without skipping any paragraph.

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Energy Flow in Ecosystem

For the survival of a large number of organisms, we need energy. The energy flow in our ecosystem is crucial for any organism to live. we can say that energy flow is the significant factor that supports life. For all the organisms that are living on the earth except deep-sea organisms, the primary source of energy is the energy given by the sun, which is called solar energy. There is a very interesting fact about solar energy we can only receive the fewer than 50% of the Sun’s effective energy (radiation) on the earth. This is also called photosynthetic active radiation which is used by the plant to perform the process of photosynthesis. This effective radiation is also known as PAR.

You all must know that we received only 40 to 50% of the total energy of the Sun which is called photosynthetically active radiation but for the process of photosynthesis, it is used only about 2 to 10% by plants. Plants are the producer in the ecosystem and mostly all other organisms are dependent on the plants directly or indirectly manner to make themselves survive on the earth.

In our system, the energy flow is performed by the food chain as well as the food web. the first member of the food chain is the producer which is our plants. Plants absorb the sunlight and make their own food in the chloroplast of their leaves. chloroplast helps plants to convert the sun’s energy into chemical energy which is called photosynthesis. And this chemical energy is stored in the chloroplast in the form of sugar (in the organic form).

This plant energy is eaten by the primary consumer in the food chain. primary consumers are herbivorous that is like cows, goats, buffalo, etc. Primary consumers are eaten by secondary consumers. Secondary consumers are carnivorous as well as omnivorous. Human is omnivorous but lion is carnivorous. In the next step, the tertiary consumer makes their food by eating the secondary consumer. And this flow is ongoing and continuous till the detritus food chain. Because after the death of tertiary consumers, they are degraded by the decomposers present in the soil, and the energy is released into the ecosystem again.

Energy Flow in Ecosystem

Energy Flow Laws

You must know that the energy is transferred or transmitted to the different trophic levels with the help of the food chain. The energy flow depends on two Laws of thermodynamics. the two laws of thermodynamics are given below in short.

  • According to the very first law of thermodynamics, it is concluded that energy can never be created and Nor be destroyed. Yes, we can change only its form to another form. It means by any means, we cannot create the energy and we cannot destroy the energy.
  • According to the second law of thermodynamics, it is concluded that There is much loss of energy while transferring one system to another system.

What are trophic levels?

trophic levels are the arrangement of Producers and Consumers in the ecosystem according to the feeding level. The trophic levels are described below-

  • The first trophic levels level is represented by the producers.
  • The second trophic level is represented by the herbivorous or primary consumers.
  • The third trophic level is represented by the primary carnivorous or secondary consumers.
  • The third trophic Level (or the last tropic level) is represented by the tertiary consumers that are called the top carnivorous.

Types of the food chain

In our ecosystem, there are mainly three different types of food chains working-

Grazing food chain- This is the normal sort of well-established food chain that is noticed ordinarily beginning with the plant as a producer and afterward energy stream begins from the producer to the herbivore and herbivore to the carnivore and so on.

Detrates food chain- this is another type of food chain in which the dead organic matter possesses the lowermost level in the food chain. Decomposers are the main in this detritus food chain.

Parasitic food chain- which is another important food chain in the ecosystem. in this food chain, a larger organism which may be the producer of the consumer is degraded and as the result, the food energy is transferred to the smaller organism.

Energy Flow in Ecosystem pdf

Energy Flow in Ecosystem PDF

Now you can easily download the energy flow in ecosystem PDF from the download button given below. in that PDF everything is described as the energy flow in ecosystem PDF. so please click on the link given below and download the PDF file.

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Today’s article is very important from the exam point of view. In this article Energy Flow in Ecosystem PDF, we gave you a link to download the energy flow. and also describe everything about the energy flow in the ecosystem in Our article also. Some important types of questions are also discussed such as describing the flow of energy in an ecosystem, energy flow in an ecosystem is given by, energy flow model, Energy Flow in Ecosystem PDF Diagram, energy flow in ecosystem ppt, what is energy flow in an ecosystem, how does energy flow in an ecosystem, types of ecosystem ppt, the structure of ecosystem ppt, etc. After reading this overall article if you have any doubts or queries, you can ask us in the comment section box. Thanks.

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