What is Velocity? Definition, Formula, Example and Unit

What is Velocity
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Hello guys how are you you are very welcome to our new article what is velocity. in today’s topic we will tell you many things about the velocity definition, its units, and some essential examples also. Every one of us always used to travel by Motorcycle, busses or as well as cycle also. We also used some birds such as we are traveling with a speed of 50 meters per second or you say that you ride a bicycle at a very high rate. These all things of traveling by any means of Transport based on the velocity of that object.

Some essential types of questions and topics are constantly asked in many examinations. these questions may be in the form of such as What is Velocity, the formula of velocity, velocity definition, how to find velocity, what unit for velocity, velocity calculation, how to calculate velocity, the formula for velocity in physics, velocity definition physics, what is the velocity in physics, etc. So I think you will understand that you will not skip this article and read this whole to make your concept very clear in the concepts of velocity. Please read this article on what is velocity from the start to the end paragraph because this will be much beneficial for you.

What is Physics?

What is Velocity (Definition)?

Velocity indicates how fast or slow the body is moving or running. By scientific definition, the rate of change of the state of any object with respect to time is called velocity. It is a vector quantity which means to define it we need both, the magnitude as well as the direction also. the magnitude (numerical value) of the velocity is called the speed of the object. The meter per second is the SI unit of the velocity.

When any object starts its motion at t equal to zero time, its velocity is called initial velocity and after gaining acceleration, the body reached a maximum speed that is called its final velocity.

what is the velocity

The formula of the velocity

Velocity is a change of position per unit of time and the formula of the velocity is given below:

V = d/t


  • d represents the displacement
  • V represents the velocity of the object.
  • t represents the time interval

what is velocity

Step to find the object’s final velocity?

We will describe here some important stages So that by using the steps you can find the velocity of any moving body. Please read our article on what is velocity from start to end to understand the whole concept of velocity.

  • First of all, you have to determine the original velocity of the object by calculating the total displacement of the object and dividing this displacement by the given time interval. by using the formula described you can find the velocity of that object.
  • In the second step if your body is accelerating then you have to find its acceleration. to find the acceleration you can divide the force acting on the body by its mass. And the acceleration you got multiply it with the time interval to get the velocity
  • Now in the third stage, add both the velocity you find out in step one and step second. so that you can get the fan the velocity of the object.

Units of the Velocity

There are many types of units of velocity in different types of unit systems. Some of them are given below:

  • SI unit of the velocity is meters per second.
  • In the CGS unit, the velocity unit is centimeters per second.
  • In the FPS Unit system feet per second.
  • The dimension of the velocity is LT-1. Some other units of velocity are mph.

Examples of Velocity

In this paragraph of the article, what is velocity, we will go to tell you about some examples of velocity. Here we are going to describe some solved examples let’s read them to understand the concepts.

Example 1. A car is in a 5000 m race, and it passes the starting line at its maximum speed. After it, the car reaches the final line within exactly 1 min and twenty seconds. Calculate velocity of car in meter per second.

Solution. Initial position = 0
Final position = 5000m
The time taken by the racing car to travel a 1000 m distance, t = 60 + 20 sec = 80 sec.
From the formula of velocity: (5000-0)/80 m/s
The final velocity comes out to be 62.5m/sec

Example 2. A rocket ascends 250 meters in 6 seconds. Find out the velocity of that rocket.
Solution. We have given here the height of 250 m and the time interval is 6 seconds.
From the formula of the velocity: 250/6
The velocity comes out to be 41.67m/sec.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Ques. What is meant by instantaneous velocity?
Ans. The velocity of any object at a specific moment (time) is called the instantaneous velocity.

Ques. What is the SI unit of the velocity?
Ans. SI unit of the velocity is meters per second.

Ques. Velocity is which type of quantity?
Ans. velocity has both magnitude and as well as direction so it is a vector quantity.

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The main conclusion of today’s article on what is velocity is that you have read many things about velocity. Also described some very important questions in our articles such as the example of velocity, in physics what is velocity, examples of velocity, velocity si unit, how to calculate velocity in physics, types of velocity, how to compute velocity, If you have any query or you want to give any suggestion related to this article, you are free to comment below in the comment section box. we will try to contact you as soon as possible.

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