What is Magnetic Dipole Moment? Definition, Formula and Unit

What is Magnetic Dipole Moment
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Hello guys, today we are presenting a very interesting topic on the physics of magnetic dipole moment. it is one of the important topics in the branch of Physics magnet effect of current and magnetism. in this branch of Physics, we study the behavior of current in the magnetic field and the production of the magnetic field by the current-carrying loop for the wire. you should know that an electron can also generate current in an atom individually. that’s why an atom works like a magnetic dipole moment. to read another interesting article on Physics you can go through our website by clicking on the home button.

Some very interesting questions on this topic are discussed in Our article some questions are in the format of Magnetic Dipole Moment, magnetic moment, magnetic dipole, magnetic dipole moment formula, magnetic dipole moment unit, the magnetic moment of the electron, magnetic moment equation, magnetic dipole moment direction, magnetic dipole formula, etc. request you to all readers of the website that please learn these questions because these are very important questions from the exam point of view.

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What is Magnetic Dipole Moment? (Definition)

Before studying the dipole moment, we need to know about the magnetic moment. the magnetic moment is a type of physical quantity that represents the magnetic power and the orientation of any magnet or any other object that can produce the magnetic field. in a similar way, the magnetic dipole moment is also called the component or factor of the magnetic moment that a magnetic dipole can easily indicate.

This is a vector quantity. and it has the dimensions of current into the area or the energy that is divided by the magnetic flux density.

Unit of Magnetic Dipole Moment

The unit of the dipole moment in SI Unit (meter kilogram second-ampere unit) is ampere per square meter. And this unit of the dipole moment in the CGS system is erg per gauss. Erg is called the unit of Energy and Gauss is known as the unit of Magnetic Flux Density. if we change the CGS unit to the MKS unit of the dipole moment then after doing all the calculations we get the value equal to that one-ampere square meter in the SI unit.

Magnetic dipole moment formula

If there is a current loop that carries the current I and the area of this current loop is A then the magnetic moment of this current loop is given as-

μ = iA

If there are N terms in the wire loop then we can generalize the magnetic moment formula in this way

μ = NiA

we are going to talk about the direction of this magnetic dipole moment in the current loop then it is perpendicular to the plane of the current loop.

Magnetic Dipole Moment

Atom behaving as a magnetic dipole

You, everyone, know that in any atom there are protons neutrons, and electrons. electrons are the sub-atomic particles of the atoms that exist outside the nucleus. in the nucleus of an atom, there are protons and neutrons that exist together. An atom can also behave as a magnetic dipole. outside the nucleus in the orbit, electrons are rotating. and you know the rotation of any charged particle contributes to the formation of current. those in the opposite direction of the electron rotation the current is produced and an atom works like a magnetic dipole. this type of movement of the electron forms two poles in the atom one Pole is the north pole and another one is the South Pole.

We can calculate the produced dipole magnetic moment in an atom by the given formula-

m = evR/2

Here is the charge of the electron, v is the velocity of the electron and R is the radius of the orbit.

Magnetic Dipole Moment

You can read this in detail in the textbook of class 12th of Physics in the unit on the magnetic effect of current and Magnetism. Now, we are going to describe some frequently asked questions that are very important from the exam point of view.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ques. What is the magnetic dipole moment?
Ans. The magnetic dipole moment is the magnetic strength of a magnet that produces a magnetic field.

Ques.  Which type of quantity is a magnetic dipole moment?
Ans.  It is a vector quantity and we represent this as a magnetic dipole moment vector.

Ques. What is the formula of magnetic moment produced by an electron orbiting in the atom?
Ans. We can calculate the produced dipole magnetic moment in an atom by the given formula, m = evR/2

Ques. What is the unit of the magnetic dipole moment in SI and CGS units?
Ans. The unit is in SI unit (meter kilogram second-ampere unit) is ampere square meter. And the unit of the dipole moment in the CGS system is erg per gauss.

Ques. Magnetic field line formed which type of loop?
Ans. Magnetic field line from the closed loop. the direction of the magnetic field lines is from the north pole to the South Pole and inside the magnet, it is from the South Pole to the north pole. but electric field lines formed the open type of loop.

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The final word of this article is that behavior many things about that magnetic dipole moment.  some important topics such as the magnetic dipole moment of electrons, what is a magnetic dipole moment, atom magnetic moment, dipole moment magnetic field, magnetic dipole moment vector, magnetic moment formula physics, and magnetic moment formula in physics are discussed in this article. And I hope you all are getting clarification about the concepts described in this article. we will meet again with the new article on Physics very soon.

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